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Advisory Board

There is nothing more important to us than your health and the quality of our products and service. We are proud to have the following distinguished individuals supporting this endeavour on our Advisory Board. They come from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines including spinal and neuro surgery, Obstetrician doctors, rehabilitation specialists and business strategists and innovators. They provide Galileo Therapy with strategic direction, guide quality improvement, and assess program effectiveness.

Mark Blackmore

Spinal / Neuro Surgeon

  • Undergraduate Medical studies in South Africa.
  • Specialising in Scotland in Spinal /Neuro Surgery.
  • Founder and developer of the VaiLift intersomatic Cage for Disc replacement following intensive research on A TITANIUM metal with memory utilised in the aeronautical environment.
  • The Varift cage was capable of being expanded in situ allowing it to be in complete contact with the endplate of the vertebrae maintaining the natural Lordotic curve of the patient .
  • Research and development of the Cage was conducted in the US where Investment Capital was raised and without FDA approval Clinical trials were conducted in Europe.
  • Due to the expandability of the cage expulsion in the lumbar Spine was very limited allowing for further development of the Cage for both Thoracic and Cervical application.
  • Founded Advanced Spine a company based in the US but with manufacturing in France.
  • Following the implantation of 200,000 cages with Clinical success rates of 92% in Europe after a follow up period of 2 years, clinicals were initiated in the US.
  • Clinal success rates in the US after follow up of 2 years mimicked those in Europe and FDA approval was obtained.
  • Advanced Spine was then Floated on the New York Stock exchange and acquired soon thereafter by a Multinational Company with based both in Japan and the U.S.
  • After acquisition I developed Training sites and Regional centres of excellence Internationally.
  • To date in excess of 20 million cages have been implanted Worldwide with clinical success in excess of 90%.

Dr Vikram Jha

Specialist Obstetrician and Medical Consultant.

Dr Vikram Jha is a specialist Obstetrician and medical educationalist. Having spent 23 years working in the UK as a clinical academic, the last five as Professor of Medical Education and Head of the Liverpool Medical School, he returned to India to work as an independent consultant.

Vikram continues to be academically very active with PhD students at Liverpool and partners at Stirling University and UCLAN in the UK. He is currently advising start ups and government and private institutions to enhance the quality of health care through excellence in medical education.

Barry Richards

Clinical Neuro Rehabilitation Consultant

Barry Richards BSc (Hons) MSc will be joining the Galileo Therapy UK Ltd advisory board  to provide leadership and clinical expertise on neuro rehabilitation with a focus on technology adoption and integration.
Originally trained as a Physiotherapist Barry has worked clinically in leading hospitals and centres before becoming the Clinical Director for several global medical device companies.

Barry has a specific interest in exoskeleton and assistive technologies and as such helpe shaped the way these enabling devices have been developed and utilised in clinical practice within the UK, Europe and globally.

“I am excited and privileged to work with Victoria and the broader team in this role,” said Barry “I look forward to adding my expertise and working with other advisory board members to promote growth and innovation in assistive device technologies to enable patients fulfil their true
rehabilitative potential .”

Robert John Risse

Business Strategist and Innovation Consultant

Robert John Risse is a business strategist and a specialist in building new
innovative companies.  After earning his B.S./M.S. Engineering at Stanford
and his MBA at Harvard University, Robert worked as a business strategy
consultant in London, Los Angeles and Palo Alto before starting his first of
seven successful technology companies in New York City and Silicon Valley.

In recent years, Mr. Risse has focused his efforts on coaching entrepreneurs in a wide range of disciplines including sustainable tourism, traditional Asian medicines and wellness programs. Mr. Risse currently lives in Mallorca where he is the business director for Rayo de la Vida, S.L. and the editor of GSV Startup Connect LLC which serves to foster entrepreneurship around the world.

Robert is proud to advise Galileo Therapy UK Ltd in their business

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